Ted Cruz in is a hypocritical scum bag…

Everyone is thinking it, and unfortunately many of his supporters are now waist deep in bearing the brunt of Cruzs’ political blunderings, the flood of criticism coming from his voting against the bipartisan “emergency” aid package designed to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Both he and Texas Sen. John Cornyn voted “no” both times, but the long-delayed Sandy package won final Senate approval, 62 to 36. So, do the people of Texas even deserve federal help? Of course. No one in that states situation should be denied the help they need just because their own presidential candidate is a blundering civic shithead, trying to prove he’s worthy and capable to run the nation…which he is not.


Hurricane Sandy..

The situation in Texas really pales in devastation, loss of life and cost compared to Hurricane Sandy, which affected 24 states, including the entire eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine and west across the Appalachian Mountains to Michigan and Wisconsin, with particularly severe damage in New Jersey, New York and Canada. So far in Texas, the storm has claimed at least 23 lives with 13 people still missing. At least 233 people were killed along the path of the storm in eight countries when Sandy occurred, the storm peaking in intensity as it made landfall in Cuba.

The financial losses for Texas cannot be tallied at this time, obviously. The end total being in the hundreds of millions wouldn’t be unexpected, where as of March 2014, Sandy has cost over $68 billion, the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. Which is why Cruz, Cornyn and their secession supporting, FEMA fearing geek Governor Greg Abbott must atone for their past knee-jerk reactionary responses to requested funding to help others. Cruz at a recent press conference said: “The federal government’s role, once the Governor declares a disaster area and makes a request, I am confident that the Texas congressional delegation, Sen. Cornyn and I, and the members of Congress both Republicans and Democrats will stand united as Texans in support of the federal government fulfilling its statutory obligations, and stepping in to respond to this natural disaster.” And on May 25th, the governor added 24 counties to his state disaster declaration, bringing the total to 37 counties in mostly the eastern half of the state, allowing for further mobilization of state resources to assist disaster-struck communities. Not that people in these counties don’t need help, but we should not just let these three be handed a blank check either.

Cruz has stated he voted against Sandy aid because: “The United States Senate should not be in the business of exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects that further expand our debt.” According to an iWatch News analysis quoted in politicususa.com, Cruz represents the state with the most FEMA-declared disasters since the start of 2009: “The top two states, Texas and Oklahoma, combined for more than a quarter of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s declared disasters since Jan. 1, 2009“, with the soppy Lone Star state declaring 75.

Texas storm..




It would appear that, for the most part, lawmakers in DC do support “the federal government fulfilling its statutory obligations, and stepping in to respond to this natural disaster“. But unlike Cruz and Cornyn, they do not “stand united as Texans“, unless of course those involved feel that needed aid to Texas should go through the lengthy process Cruz and co. are so fond of in order to sign a relief bill that isn’t “symptomatic of a larger problem in Washington – an addiction to spending money we do not have“. And in a weird way, he’s got a point. But, these guys made their political beds, and it would be good for them to lie there, in the wet spot they made, before the storms and flooding. But withholding federal aid or services from the state in its time of need to ‘get even’ politically is wrong. No one in office should be like Ted. But nothing says that anything should be any differently than what took place before, and if DC follows Cruzs’ lead, it may show what an utter waste of time this guy is, and maybe his hypocritical ways will bring he and others like him down, all the way down, and they can all go off and have a biscuits and tea party, brewed with some filtered flood water. Hopefully Cruz supporters get the help the need, not deserve.


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