TBT: DADT, and something ‘put out of Arkansas’ that killed 5000 birds in ’11.

I had forgotten about the ‘apocalyptic’ black bird deaths at the start of the new year all those years ago and just what, and who was at fault. According to pfaw.org and their revered religious haruspex Cindy Jacobs it was…Don’t Ask Don’t Tell..that was “put out of Arkansas” by the evil that is “a former Governor” Bill Clinton. In the real world, the bird deaths (about 200) in 2012 resulted when someone went into a large roost of blackbirds in Beebe, Arkansas, as the clock struck midnight Saturday and set off fireworks. On the previous New Year’s Eve, roughly 5,000 birds were found dead in a square-mile area, and those same kind of fireworks caused otherwise healthy birds to become disoriented and “fly all over the place” into stationary objects, such as trees and buildings, according to Ginny Porter, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokeswoman at the time.

It’s all old stuff, but the conbaggers at RWN are still eating this weirdos stuff up. AC does a good job with his take on her, but you have to see her god job take too. I want to know who and what does she blame her murder of basic sentence structure on…


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