Chris Christie can’t conceal the fact he’s an unconditionally incompetent candidate for president..

The US attorney for New Jersey, Paul J. Fishman, after a 16-month federal investigation into the George Washington Bridge lane closings scandal, announced indictments against two people close to Governor Christie outlining a conspiracy, made with a third confidant, to exact political vengeance against a mayor for not endorsing the governor’s re-election. Fishman said that the conspirators “callously victimized” the citizens of Fort Lee, N.J., purposely scheduling the lane-closing plan to coincide with the first day of school and sought to cover up the scheme with a “sham” story of a traffic study on the bridge to Manhattan.

Christie, so far, has been cleared of any allegations that he personally participated in a scheme to shut down access lanes to the bridge in September 2013. Former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly, his former top appointee to the authority that controls the bridge, Bill Baroni, have both been indicted, while David Wildstein, another ally, plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy.

The Gov. said the “charges make clear that what I’ve said from day one is true, I had no knowledge or involvement in the planning or execution of this act”. He also claims: “The moment I first learned of this unacceptable behavior I took action, firing staff believed to be accountable, calling for an outside investigation and agreeing to fully cooperate with all appropriate investigations, which I have done.”* Christie’s camp says that since he didn’t know what was happening the indictments clear the governor of any wrong doing.

This guy!!!..He was all fat and cozy, caboodling the current POTUS when it suited his needs, taking heat from others in his party, and many thought..‘eh, maybe he’s not such a tool’. Maybe it was just the right time for a photo op or a sound bite. The BNR said it best regarding this whole Christie crap: “But does that matter? Either he did know, and he’s a liar, or he didn’t, and he’s incompetent.“** Sorry NJ, Christie, though weighty, isn’t politically worthy, for state or nation.2435499820_idiot1_answer_2_xlarge

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