The Federalist Papers: WTF??

Holy crap it’s a den of derp over there. Nothing will be ‘right with the world’ until Ron Reagan & Margaret “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher rise upright, hand in hand, once again making things conservative and righting the world. But, like Reagan communicated “If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen.” …Doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of them, though.

In a couple of pieces of script published on site, K. Farrell lets it be known in the first, he dislikes President Obama sending Broderick Johnson to the funeral of Freddie Gray, and the first sentence set the tone: “The Obama administration has never seen a racially tense situation that they didn’t feel the need to inject national politics into.” But why the earlier RR & MT mention? Ferrell further says: “The administration has ignored funerals of world leaders like Margret Thatcher, as well as funerals for American heroes like Chris Kyle. But when American cities are near the point of tearing themselves apart, the administration can’t resist the temptation to add fuel to the fire.”  ……wtf??

Margret Thatcher as Prime Minister implemented policies that have come to be known as ‘Thatcherism’, was best known for her destruction of Britain’s traditional industries through her attacks on labor organizations such as the miner’s union, and for the massive privatization of social housing and public transport (cut welfare programs, reduced trade-union power & privatized industries). One of her staunchest allies was U.S. President Ronald Reagan, a fellow conservative sharing similar right-wing, pro-corporate political philosophies. Her political philosophy and economic policies emphasized deregulation (particularly of the financial sector), flexible labor markets, the privatization of state-owned companies, and reducing the power and influence of trade unions. In the midst of world condemnation of apartheid, she dismissed the African National Congress (ANC)  as “a typical terrorist organization” while in ’98, called for the release of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet when Spain had him arrested and sought to try him for human rights violations. Wait…you remember Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte, right? (He was arrested under an international arrest warrant on a visit to London on in connection with numerous human rights allegations. Various reports and investigations claim that between 1,200 and 3,200 people were killed, up to 80,000 people were interned and as many as 30,000 were tortured during the time Pinochet was in government.) Her stance on immigration was perceived by some as part of a rising racist public discourse, which Professor M. Barker called “new racism”.

The deaths of Chris Kyle and friend Chad Littlefield at the hands of Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine, is a terrible tragedy for the families and loved ones, as it would be for anyone. Farrell’s hero was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 2009, told people stories that are really unverifiable: how he went down to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, picked off dozens of bad guys, and one in which he took on two armed Texans bent on stealing his truck and shot them both dead. Publisher HarperCollins stated: “The Pentagon has officially confirmed more than 150 of Kyle’s kills but it has declined to verify the astonishing total number for this book” about stats in a best-selling book Kyle authored, where the former seal says “The Navy credits me with more kills as a sniper than any other American service member, past or present. I guess that’s true. They go back and forth on what the number is.” U.S. Special Operations Commands spokesman Ken McGraw says SOC treats a sniper’s tally as “unofficial”.

The second Ferrell cantata contains reference to the tense situation surrounding the funeral, with a head line reading: ‘Baltimore Gangs Working Together to “Take Out” Police’. He backs up the bold print with: “Members of the Black Guerilla Family, the Bloods, and the Crips have formed an alliance to target police officers in Baltimore” and “According to the department, the Black Guerilla Family sent a man into the Northeastern District station house with marijuana, cocaine, and a loaded gun, just to test the station’s security and preparedness.” And by all accounts, it is very, very tense in Baltimore. Lets hope cool, thinking, rational heads prevail. Unlike this tool who replied to the 2nd mentioned article: Screenshot_2



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