Ca. Tea Party thinks current crop of GOP candidates will choke due to discrepancies.

When someone from the Tea Party says their current herd of presidential hopefuls have “serious personal and fiscal mismanagement discrepancies“, it grabs your attention. The unflattering flogging came from a TPN article First practice what is preached*, and it was really kind of mean, but considering the source……here are just a few honorable mentions:

Sen. Marco Rubio lied several times about sources of money for his personal expenses for which he still owes the Florida Republican Party thousands of dollars more for unauthorized expenses a few years back.  He claims to be both Catholic and Mormon.” rubio-facepalm

Sen. Cruz’s parents’ own citizenship status remains fuzzy with his father identified as a former Fidel Castro ally, not a Cuban exile.  His mother may have failed to reside in U.S. for required 12 months before giving birth in Canada to claim citizenship for her son. She placed her maiden name on his hospital birth certificate because neither she nor Cruz’s father were married to each other, but perhaps still married to others at the time.”

Taxpayers in Gov. Scott Walker‘s state have yet to forget, nor forgive him for the corruption occurring right under his nose – so much for his Christian self-righteousness.

Leading Conservatives, Presidential Candidates Speak At CPAC GatheringGov. Huckabee had his chance and was rejected early in the election game. Huckabee’s mismanagement of Arkansas, heavily taxed, one of the poorest, heavy welfare dependent and high illiteracy states is not reassuring.”

Jeb Bush knows that crossover votes are needed to win, thus he is flip flopping to maintain on a wimpy neutral position on controversial issues to avoid alienating nonRepublicans.” Screenshot_1 jeb bush

Does the article show a possible momentary lapse in tea-reason? Hard to say. The piece ended with the question: “Do hardcore Tea Party activists want to end up being remembered as angry sounding pebbles or Herculean gladiators?” Yeah, hard to say….


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