Glass houses 101 (courtesy Air Force farce M. Manhart and the First Amendment)

Image result for photos of michelle manhartI love when self-serving folks fall flat on their photogenic faces. For the last couple of days, former Air Force member Michelle Manhart (quitting the Air Force in 2008 rather than accept a demotion after she violated standards expected of military personnel by posing for Playboy, in uniform and nude) has been all the buzz after she heroically stole a flag from a group of African-American protesters speaking out against white privilege at Valdosta State University in Georgia. The flag actually belonged to the protestors, and when police demanded she return it, she refused, actively fighting the police. Manhart was not shot, hit with a taser, beaten, punched in the stomach, put in a choke hold, maced, or even arrested — she was bestowed with a warning and banned from VSU.

Manhart was ‘tipped off’ that protestors would be trampling the American flag into the ground as part of the protest earlier in the day. Her reasoning behind her theft and violation of law sound’s like tomato/potato crap: “The bald eagle is a symbol of our country, and back in the 80s it was put on the endangered species list. You can’t touch that bird. It’s illegal. If we can do that with a bird, why can’t we place that same value on the flag?”  Maybe she has a point. I mean, you shouldn’t wear an eagle, right?Image result for photos of michelle manhartShe’s such a bird of GOP feather, the perfect example of conservative hypocrisy. She complained that she had to deal with law enforcement after stealing someone’s property and demanded a letter of apology from the victims of her crime!!  And of course, she had the Fox  flock in a spinning vortex of patriotic praise because she was “behaving exactly the way we would expect a veteran of the Armed Forces to behave.” Todd Starnes seemed to channel a 14-year-old version of himself reading a Hstlr: “she drove to the campus and eventually took matters into her own hands. She brought along her 19-year-old daughter who filmed the entire incident” “she stopped protesters from desecrating an American flag” “they [vsu] should be honoring brave patriots like Michelle Manhart. Instead, they hauled this brave woman away in handcuffs and banished her from their campus” “it took three police officers to subdue the Air Force veteran”. Image result for photos of michelle manhartOn 4/20, in an update to his original stroking of the story he stated: “..Manhart was reprimanded by the military in 2007 after she appeared in ‘Playboy.’ She posed wearing her uniform and draped in the American flag. The newspaper reports she was demoted and quit the Air Force the following year. Manhart told me she was honorably discharged.” C’mon dude, just say she was naked too!!!! Guess that’s like a literary version of the walk of shame…

Bottom line? The Owners & Double M’s use of the their respective flags was legal and covered by the 1st.  Americans are protected from punishments under the law when they are utilizing the flag to make a statement. Manhart was also protected under the law because both acts indeed constitute “symbolic speech”. Although…she did commit theft and resisted the authorities so  venerated and shielded by her ilk…the flag of hypocrisy is at full mast in Ga.Image result for photos of michelle manharthey Fox and Starnes, this is for you, grab a tissue and don’t make a mess…Image result for photos of michelle manhart


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