Duck Dynasty…the musical?…really??

I thought this was a joke when it was first mentioned, but the “Duck Commander Musical” had its opening in Vegas on Wednesday. Hopefully, the ‘what happens in Vegas…’ mantra will be applied to this musical quackery. According to, patriarchal drake Phil Robertson was not in attendance with the numerous family members for the opening at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. Theatre-goers expecting an apology from the actor playing Phil Robertson won’t get one. Instead, they get a glimpse into his long-ago descent into drunken irresponsibility before he finds God and atones in pathos that arrives near the end. The explanation for the comments? Phil was just being Phil. And Phil, like the rest of the family, loves everyone, they sing.”

I’m sure he’ll be in Texas though on the 19th for the DC 500. That’s more his style..maybe Sara Palin the loon will be there..


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